(SPRINGFIELD) With 2.4 million Firearm Owners ID Card holders in Illinois, the latest State Police data shows just two-tenths (0.2%) of a percentage point, or 4,877 people, have registered a banned item. There’s less than a month remaining before the January 1st, 2024 deadline to register banned firearms with the Illinois State Police or criminal penalties could apply, pending any possible court injunction against the upcoming deadline.

(CHICAGO) Governor J.B. Pritzker, the Illinois Department of Human Services, and the Greater Chicago Food Depository, have announced an additional $4 million to provide meals to asylum seekers. At the request of the Windy City, the state has provided over $10 million in funding to the delivery of meals to the immigrants who are in Illinois illegally. Due to delays in the procurement process, the state and Food Depository will now contribute an additional $2 million each to ensure the migrants are fed through the rest of December, all of which by using taxpayer funds to those mostly with no jobs.

(SPRINGFIELD) A new airline is offering air service from Springfield to Florida. It’s Breeze Airways now offering service to Orlando and Tampa twice weekly, starting at $29 one way. Springfield officials say it marks the beginning of a valuable partnership that will enhance travel options for both business & vacation travelers in Illinois and the Sunshine State.